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Evgeniya started dancing when she was 9 years old. Her mum took her into a dance class at a local school in Siberian city Omsk, Russia. After a year of doing a variety of dances including rock-n-roll and polka she was partnered up with her first partner and focused on 10 ballroom dances. He was a little older and this was the same throughout her entire career; she always had older partners and competed with more experienced dancers. That definitely pushed her to work harder and she regularly won competitions, gaining titles such as Regional Junior, Youth and Amateur 10 dance Champion.



When she was 16 Evgeniya moved to Moscow to study, where she continued her training, as it was clear by that point that a passion for dance would remain with her for life. Moscow offered a completely different level of dancing as Evgeniya was able to take lessons from world renowned coaches which rapidly improved her dance journey.




Soon after Evgeniya and her amateur partner began travelling more and more to London for lessons and competing all over the World. When Evgeniya was 21 she became a World Finalist at the WDC World Amateur Championships in EuroDisney, Paris.


During this time Evgeniya also gained a Bachelors Degree and a Masters Degree in Moscow State University.


Two years later – in October 2010 - Evgeniya got together with her current partner, husband and love of her life Craig Shaw.

‘When things are meant to be they are meant to be’.


Craig and Evgeniya met at a Training camp in Torquay, England that they both attended with their current partners at the time. They didn’t know it then that a year later destiny would bring them together and they would begin their lifetime journey.


Craig and Evgeniya currently are:

5 times and current British National Ballroom Vice-Champions

2013 WDC European Professional Ballroom Finalists

2015 WDC World Professional Ballroom Semi-Finalists

And working harder and harder each day on their way to the very top!!!


Throughout her career, Evgeniya has always had a keen eye for fashion and enjoys designing her ‘image’ and her distinctive ‘look’ on the dance floor. Evgeniya’s approach is a whole concept from head to toe and dresses are reflection of her personality. She puts a lot of time and inspiration in her designs. Therefore she was over the moon when Chrisanne (back then) offered a sponsorship contract when her and Craig got together.


What is your Favourite dance?

Slow foxtrot


What is your proudest dancing moment

Making Semi Final in RAH last year


Why you are proud to be Chrisanne Clover sponsors?

Because we love being at the forefront of fashion and seeing Evgeniya's ideas come to life through the incredible skills of everyone at Chrisanne Clover is amazing.



What has been your favourite Chrisanne Clover dress made for you?

Black on champagne.


What is your favourite coloured dress you have worn?

It actually was a blend of cream, modena and purple rain.


What do you look for in a Chrisanne Clover dress? Are there certain features and likes that make your dresses unique to you?

I love clever detailing and beautiful cuts!


What is your favourite Chrisanne Clover fabric? 

I love black lace!


What colours are you attracted to and what looks best for you on the dance floor?

I love RED


See Evgeniya talk about her first American Smooth Dress made for Blackpool 2017 HERE 

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