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Watch Andrei and Mia dance HERE


What is your personal history?



Andrei started dancing at aged 3 in Romania and showed great talent at a young age. Following a successful

Partnership in Romania he moved to the UK to dance with Mia in WDC AL Junior in June 2015. He lives and schools with Mia in the UK and returns home with Mia in school holidays to spend time with his parents and siblings and train with coaches in Romania.



Mia is from Manchester in the UK and started dancing aged 6 years competing in Medalist IDTA, UKA and ISTD. After winning all her categories in all associations she moved into the open field and had a very successful juvenile career winning the UK Closed, British Nationals in Ballroom and Latin and WDC AL World Championships. She also finaled in all British Open junior festival Juvenile events in 2015.




What is your Dance history?

- U14 WDC AL world champions 2015

- U14 WDC AL Latin vice champions 2015

- U14 British Junior Open Ballroom Champions 2016

- U14 British Junior Open Latin Vice Champions 2016

- U16 North of England Cup winners 2016

-U14 European Vice Champions 2016

- UK closed U14 Ballroom and Latin Champions 2015

- British National Finalists BAllroom & Latin 2015

- GB Junior team members 2016 British Open

-U14 International Finalists 2015

-U14 Champions of Tomorrow double champions 2015

-U16 Stars of the Future vice Champions 2016

-U16 Uk closed vice champions Ballroom & Latin


What is your favourite dance?

Andrei: Foxtrot and Samba

Mia: Waltz and Rumba



What is your favourite Competition?

WDC AL world Championships in Paris


What is your proudest dancing moment?

Winning the U14 WDC AL world championships and U14 British Open Junior ballroom



Why you are proud to be Chrisanne Clover sponsors?

We work so hard to be the best and we are so happy and proud to then be able to represent the best. Mia walks on the floor looking so classy and immaculate in her Chrisanne Clover garments and that contributes hugely to her confidence on the dance floor.



What is your favourite Chrisanne Clover dress you have worn?

So far Mias favourite dress was her black leather and black mesh Latin with zircon stones - it was a very different look for Mia at that time and was almost a turning point in her Latin career.



What is your favourite coloured dress you have worn?

Mias favourite colour is black for Latin - she always has a staple black dress!!! She also loves the champagne colour for ballroom



What do you look for in a Chrisanne Clover dress? Are there any certain features or likes that makes your dresses unique to you?

Mia wants to exude class on the floor - simple, elegant lines with movement and simple colours that emphasise her figure and complement her look. Mia always wants a modern look to her dresses and takes inspiration from current fashion.



What is your favourite Chrisanne Clover colour? fabric? accessory?

Mia Loves Champagne colour for ballroom and favourite fabric is stretch net - it normally always makes an appearance on one of Mias dresses. Mia also loves the shaded fabrics



What colours are you attracted to? Or feel suits you most for your skin tone? What colour looks best for you on the dance floor?

Mia suits most colours but tends to want to wear darker colours. When she was blonde, she really suited the colours Red, Midnight Sky, White and Blue Zircon.

Since going darker she really suits Tango Flare and felt amazing in the colour Hematite




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