May has always been a month full of utter excitement with the Blackpool Dance Festival taking place with dancers, customers and friends travelling to the UK from all over the world. Oh how we have missed you all and we are so looking forward to seeing you all again very soon! Here we take a look back at some of the couture featured at Blackpool over the last few years …




In 2019 Natascha wowed audiences with this magnificent Saffron Ballroom dress featuring an absolutely stunning crystallization that really dazzled under the spotlights. Embellished in a rainbow of colours in Crystals from Swarovski® including Ocean DeLite and Laguna DeLite.


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Olga’s bejewelled Red feather Ballroom dress was a real beauty on the dance floor, worn for the Team Match and Professional Ballroom championships. Embellished beautifully in Crystals from Swarovski® in Crystal AB. 


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Paulina added drama and delight to the dance floor with this magical white fringe Ballroom dress that truly had a life of its own and created such fantastic movement. Embellished beautifully in Crystals from Swarovski® in Crystal, Crystal AB and Pearls. 


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A new colour that we launched that year BUTTERCREAM graced the Blackpool Wintergardens with professional dancer Emi Toyama who looked a picture of elegance. Beautifully embellished in Crystals from Swarovski® including Silk Shimmer and Metallic Sunshine.


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Izabela Skierska wowed audiences with this magnificent White Ballroom dress dancing with partner Kyle Taylor. A nude stretch net bodice is beautifully adorned with hero motifs and is embellished with Crystals from Swarovski® including colours Crystal, Lavender DeLite, Fuchsia Shimmer and Burgundy DeLite. 


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2019 saw the second Chrisanne Clover and Espen colloraborative Fashion Show take place at the Imperial Hotel. A collection of Chrisanne Clover Couture, Espen SAlberg for Chrisanne Clover Dancewear and Espen Salberg Designs hosted by the lovely Carmen was a true success and such a great way to open the dance festival at the Imperial Hotel.




In 2018 Monica wowed audiences with this  magnificent Cappuccino and White shaded Ballroom dress. Godets are layered in shaded satin chiffon over white satin chiffon, with white organza underskirts. Embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal, with Crystal AB sew on’s.


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Natascha looked gorgeous in this striking Fluo Red pleated Ballroom dress. Embellished magnificently in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in a very unique style. Adorned with Light Siam and Crystal for the front, with shading in a kaleidoscope of colours in Crystal AB, Crystal, Citrine Shimmer, Citrine, Fire Opal, Hyacinth and Light Siam for the back.


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2018 was Angela Zheng’s last Blackpool Dance Festival before retiring and for the Team Match Angela danced beautifully in her polka dot dress featuring a splash of Emerald colour and embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Jet and Emerald.


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2018 saw Paulina move from Amateur to Professional and wore this beautiful monochrome Ballroom dress featuring embroidered tulle, layered over satin chiffon and organza underskirts. Embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal AB, Crystal and Jet.


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             Izabela looked gorgeous in this striking cappuccino and white shaded Ballroom dress adorned with organza flowers. Embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal, Light Colorado Topaz and Silk Shimmer.



2018 saw the first Catwalk fashion show take place at the Imperial Hotel in collaboration with Espen Salberg. No one could imagine how popular this show would be and was such a huge success.




2017 saw Natascha wear this  majestic White and Gold pleated Ballroom dress beautifully adorned with a  starburst of embellishment in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI including Crystal AB, Light Silk, Silk Shimmer and Light Colorado Topaz.

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Evgeniya graced the dance floor in this wonderful Black and Pink Tropicana Ballroom dress featuring a black velvet bodice. Beautiful understated jewel embellishment with CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI in Crystal AB feature along the neckline and cuffs.



Izabela wore this magnificent White and Sugar Pink Ballroom dress featuring white fishnet with skirts layered in shaded white to sugar pink georgette over shaded satin chiffon, with white satin chiffon and sugar pink organza underskirts. Embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI in Crystal AB, Hyacinth Shimmer, Light Rose AB, Light Rose and Crystal.


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Joanne wore this elegant Black Ballroom dress featuring a black velvet dress with satin godets over organza underskirts. A statement embellished chandelier style necklace with CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI in Crystal AB. Complete with embellished armbands with white luxury boa attached floating down perfectly to finish the look.


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Kristi wore this brilliant Aqua feather trimmed Ballroom dress embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI in Crystal AB, Light Sapphire Shimmer, Aqua AB, Aqua, Light Sapphire Shimmer and Silver Shade. Skirts are layered in georgette over satin chiffon hemmed with luxury feather boa, finished with satin chiffon and organza underskirts.


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In 2016 Monica wore this striking Silver and Cappuccino Ballroom dress beautifully embellished with Swarovski® crystals in crystal and crystal ab in intricate designs.


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Natascha graced the Wintergardens dance floor in this dazzling white and cappuccino Ballroom dress beautifully adorned in Swarovski® crystals and jewel stones.


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Paulina looked magnificent in this beautiful Black and cool aqua Ballroom dress with feather fringe beautifully adorning the neckline and shoulders.


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Joanne looked gorgeous in this pretty black and sugar pink Ballroom dress featuring ruffled satin across the bustline, finished with a petite bow, adorned with Swarovski® crystals.


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