Our most sought-after fabric LYCRA, is a comfortable fabric with a snug fit making it the perfect base fabric for skin-tight garments. The benefit of Lycra is its significant strength and elasticity with its ability to return to the original shape after stretching and is faster drying than ordinary fabrics.

Lycra has been used as the core fabric in almost all of Chrisanne Clover’s couture dresses for dance and performance costumes over the years, being used for both leotards, support panels or as a final top layer. Unleash your creativity with our wide range of colours and finishes for the perfect fit, whether you’re producing garments for the stage, screen, dancefloor or a fashion collection.

We have an extensive colour range across both matt and lustre Lycra with colour matching fabrics across stretch and non-stretch fabrics including stretch lace, stretch net, georgette, satin chiffon and organza.





Being one of the most popular fabrics with our customers, Lycra is used for sorts of costume purposes within our industry ranging from …

Ballroom, Latin, Ice Skating, Freestyle, Baton Twirling, Green screen suits for CAD in film making, stage and screen costumes, swimsuits, gymnastics, sportswear and even dog collars!

Available in a wide range of colours in matt and lustre Lycra, this fabric will never go out of style and is a must have fabric for all Chrisanne Clover Couture garments.





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