This weekend saw the prestigious German Championships take place with our Sponsored Gold dancers Natascha Karabey & Domen Krapez, and Izabela Skierska & Kyle Taylor place fantastic results!



What a great evening for German dancing in beautiful Bonn and what an honor for us to become again German Champions in Professional Ballroom.

Sold out venue with 1000 people watching, live orchestra and many happy dancers enjoying what they love to do the most. Thank you to DPV, Tanzschule Breuer, Matthias Fronhoff and the organizing team for all your effort.



“World Champion”

For me this title has always seemed the most difficult to achieve. There is something unique about the World Championships…the neutral territory, the total mix of adjudicators from all countries, the multinational support around the hall for each couple…

Everyone enters equal, without advantage or disadvantage…and there are simply no excuses.

One may argue that other titles are more, or equally prestigious. But to win the World Championships, for me, really truly feels like WE DID IT!!

And of course it now completes the set of all major championship for us.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am deeply patriotic. I love England, and I am fiercely proud to be English. To hear the British National Anthem being played last night, brought the very strongest of emotions, and it gives the greatest pleasure to help put England back on top

Thank you to all who supported us there last night, and of course to those who have done so throughout our careers  





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