Monica’s style has become synonymous with elegance. In each design there seems to be an effortlessness, an ease with the sole purpose to enhance the dance and her own regal energy.

The simplicity of colour or a form are often celebrated with rich stoning and beading to create a luxurious classic look. Despite the overall timeless feel, each piece still features a modern and exciting edge, with daring cutouts, dramatic plunging necklines or a full sheer effect cappuccino bodice covered in bold embellishments.  It’s through this clear creative vision and constant development of past styles fused with high fashion features that something unique and instantly recognisable is created.

Monica’s style is constantly evolving but in each piece it is clear to see an elegance that is at the same time powerful and confident.

 Phoebe Ratcliff-Reid, Couture Designer


'I have been sponsored by Chrisanne Clover for over 10 years and in that time I have tried and tested many different styles! There are definitely certain characteristics that have flowed through each couture over the years making my collection of garments unique to me.


I love details and sometimes very simple dresses that give a touch of class. Generally the cut of the dress is the same to emphasize the curves of the body. I don’t like too much material in a dress and the colour is usually tan with a splash of colour that is exquisitely embellished with Swarovski® crystals in intricate designs.

The look I strive to achieve within my garments is to look elegant, classy and feminine with a touch of sexiness that every woman desires to achieve.'   
Monica Nigro  


Take a trip down memory lane with some of Monica's throwback couture highlights ...





 To have a dress made inspired by Monica's collection please contact our couture team who will be more than happy to help make your dream dress a reality
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