When it comes to Dancesport couture, Natascha’s styles always stand out from the crowd. Each piece is bold, fearless, and utterly breathtaking. Natascha is never afraid to try something new, creating innovative, eye-catching looks that continue to set trends across the industry and completely dazzle on the dancefloor...


Each piece is created to enhance the effect on the floor in a refreshingly modern way, tying together vivid colours, flattering silhouettes and of course, the stunning Swarovski® embellishment that defines each of her designs.  Each piece is completely different but no less stunning, whether its bold geometric shapes, head to toe sparkle or all the colours of the rainbow shaded to perfection, each dress is elevated by her confident approach to style.'  


Phoebe Ratcliff-Reid, Couture Designer



‘Chrisanne Clover makes the most outstanding dresses for Natascha and makes her look absolutely stunning.’ Domen Krapez
‘I am so proud to be a Chrisanne Clover sponsor as the company is the best in the business and over the years the dresses have been of outstanding quality with the most beautiful designs. It makes me so happy to work together with the most amazing team of designers and dress makers. I love the intricate design detailing of Swarovski® crystals on my dresses, they are really something special and unique, making each couture one of a kind. Pleated fabric on my dresses has become a signature look for me, it is a gorgeous look and creates so much drama.’ Natascha Karabey




Love this couture collection? Contact our helpful sales team who will be more than happy to make your dream dress a reality couture@chrisanne-clover.com


Watch Domen and Natascha dance here >




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