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For the love of fishnet

Fishnet is such a versatile fabric and great for creating great texture and dimension to your designs. It's simple structure is a great base to crystallise with an easy to follow design that transforms this fabric into utter brilliance. Layer over contrasting colours to create new textures and colours or layer over skin tones for a nude effect that will wow the audience.




Love the couture featured?

Contact our couture sales team to have dress made inspired by these [email protected]

For sample requests contact our sales team [email protected]

Be Inspired with Stretch Lace

Create stunning all-over lace gowns that echos your personality with our gorgeous collection of stretch laces with certain products priced at unbelievable prices ...





Love the couture featured in this email? To have a dress made inspired by any of these dresses contact our helpful couture sales team for more information [email protected]

For sample requests on any of these laces you can order up to 5 samples FREE of charge. Contact our sales team for more information [email protected]

NEW and Improved Website


After months of hard work and dedication, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our newly designed website!

Made with you in mind throughout the whole process to make your shopping experience with us that much easier! 

As the industry leader, it’s important for us to keep our digital platforms to be the most innovative, up-to-date, and customer-centric. Our goal with this website is to provide our customers with an easier way to learn about our brand, products, and services.  The website is based on an industry-leading platform to offer current and prospective clients a faster, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly browsing and shopping experience.
The filter-driven display function is designed to effectively find what you are looking for.  It also clearly indicates the real-time stock availability for our large variety of products.
Any questions, suggestions, feedback, or comments, please email us [email protected]
Happy Shopping !

Purple passion collection


Fall in love with our Purple Passion collection fabrics that not only are perfection as a single column of colour, but combined together creates a utopia of design possibilities that is utterly majestic! Why stick to one colour when you can have them all!





Love the couture featured? Contact our helpful couture sales team who with our team of talented designers and dressmakers will help make your dream dress a reality

[email protected]



The best of smooth collection


Here we take a look back at some of our favourite Smooth couture dresses made over the years with each one beautifully embellished with Crystals from Swaroski®.

Though no longer available to buy, take inspiration and contact our helpful couture sales team to have your dream Smooth gown brought to life by our talented team of designers and dressmakers.

For more information contact [email protected] to make your ideas a reality.







Shine bright with metallics

Shine with lustre and sparkle like magic with our gorgeous collection of metallic fabrics available in a variety of styles, textures and gloss that will create a luxurious finish like no other...






 love this couture featured? To have a dress made inspired by this couture please contact our helpful sales team [email protected]om who will help make your dream dress a reality.

For sample requests on any of the above fabrics please contact our sales team [email protected] 

New limited edition preciosa sew on stones


As an authorized Silver partner of Preciosa Crystals, we are thrilled to offer a collection of sew on stones in a variety of colours and sizes for a limited time only. So be quick! These crystals are only available whilst stocks last! 


Natascha karabey throwback couture collection


When it comes to Dancesport couture, Natascha’s styles always stand out from the crowd. Each piece is bold, fearless, and utterly breathtaking. Natascha is never afraid to try something new, creating innovative, eye-catching looks that continue to set trends across the industry and completely dazzle on the dancefloor...


Each piece is created to enhance the effect on the floor in a refreshingly modern way, tying together vivid colours, flattering silhouettes and of course, the stunning Swarovski® embellishment that defines each of her designs.  Each piece is completely different but no less stunning, whether its bold geometric shapes, head to toe sparkle or all the colours of the rainbow shaded to perfection, each dress is elevated by her confident approach to style.'  


Phoebe Ratcliff-Reid, Couture Designer



‘Chrisanne Clover makes the most outstanding dresses for Natascha and makes her look absolutely stunning.’ Domen Krapez
‘I am so proud to be a Chrisanne Clover sponsor as the company is the best in the business and over the years the dresses have been of outstanding quality with the most beautiful designs. It makes me so happy to work together with the most amazing team of designers and dress makers. I love the intricate design detailing of Swarovski® crystals on my dresses, they are really something special and unique, making each couture one of a kind. Pleated fabric on my dresses has become a signature look for me, it is a gorgeous look and creates so much drama.’ Natascha Karabey








Love this couture collection? Contact our helpful sales team who will be more than happy to make your dream dress a reality [email protected]


Watch Domen and Natascha dance here >


Summer sunset fabric collection


Be Inspired and ablaze with tropical heat in our scorching summer sunset fabric colour collections that we can guarantee will add some sizzle to your designs this summer!



Add a touch of summer sun to your designs with this gorgeous shade.

Saffron is one of our most popular colours and you can see why! Its gorgeous hue is striking on the dancefloor and a colour that will bring sunshine delight to your designs!

Gold is a colour that is rich and warm with a gorgeous shine and mixes beautifully with cappuccino.

A sophisticated shade of brown, Cappuccino is a much sort after shade and the perfect hue that mixes well with many colours. Embellished with crystals creates a rich and luxurious finish.

Add a shade of dazzling tropical orange to your designs for a  column of colour that will express your personality with complete and utter confidence!

An orangey red shade Tango Flare is classed as a motivating colour that is not only sophisticated, but also dramatic and seductive!

 Now last chance to buy this colour is only available whilst stocks last!

Contact our couture sales team for more information about having a dress made inspired by this collection
[email protected]




Blackpool dance festival throwback


May has always been a month full of utter excitement with the Blackpool Dance Festival taking place with dancers, customers and friends travelling to the UK from all over the world. Oh how we have missed you all and we are so looking forward to seeing you all again very soon! Here we take a look back at some of the couture featured at Blackpool over the last few years …




In 2019 Natascha wowed audiences with this magnificent Saffron Ballroom dress featuring an absolutely stunning crystallization that really dazzled under the spotlights. Embellished in a rainbow of colours in Crystals from Swarovski® including Ocean DeLite and Laguna DeLite.


Shop saffron fabric here >



Olga’s bejewelled Red feather Ballroom dress was a real beauty on the dance floor, worn for the Team Match and Professional Ballroom championships. Embellished beautifully in Crystals from Swarovski® in Crystal AB. 


Shop red fabric here >



Paulina added drama and delight to the dance floor with this magical white fringe Ballroom dress that truly had a life of its own and created such fantastic movement. Embellished beautifully in Crystals from Swarovski® in Crystal, Crystal AB and Pearls. 


Shop fringe here >



A new colour that we launched that year BUTTERCREAM graced the Blackpool Wintergardens with professional dancer Emi Toyama who looked a picture of elegance. Beautifully embellished in Crystals from Swarovski® including Silk Shimmer and Metallic Sunshine.


Shop buttercream fabric here >



Izabela Skierska wowed audiences with this magnificent White Ballroom dress dancing with partner Kyle Taylor. A nude stretch net bodice is beautifully adorned with hero motifs and is embellished with Crystals from Swarovski® including colours Crystal, Lavender DeLite, Fuchsia Shimmer and Burgundy DeLite. 


shop lace motifs here >



2019 saw the second Chrisanne Clover and Espen colloraborative Fashion Show take place at the Imperial Hotel. A collection of Chrisanne Clover Couture, Espen SAlberg for Chrisanne Clover Dancewear and Espen Salberg Designs hosted by the lovely Carmen was a true success and such a great way to open the dance festival at the Imperial Hotel.




In 2018 Monica wowed audiences with this  magnificent Cappuccino and White shaded Ballroom dress. Godets are layered in shaded satin chiffon over white satin chiffon, with white organza underskirts. Embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal, with Crystal AB sew on’s.


Shop shading here >



Natascha looked gorgeous in this striking Fluo Red pleated Ballroom dress. Embellished magnificently in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in a very unique style. Adorned with Light Siam and Crystal for the front, with shading in a kaleidoscope of colours in Crystal AB, Crystal, Citrine Shimmer, Citrine, Fire Opal, Hyacinth and Light Siam for the back.


Shop pleating here >


2018 was Angela Zheng’s last Blackpool Dance Festival before retiring and for the Team Match Angela danced beautifully in her polka dot dress featuring a splash of Emerald colour and embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Jet and Emerald.


Shop Polka Dot fabric here >

2018 saw Paulina move from Amateur to Professional and wore this beautiful monochrome Ballroom dress featuring embroidered tulle, layered over satin chiffon and organza underskirts. Embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal AB, Crystal and Jet.


Shop embroidered fabric here >


             Izabela looked gorgeous in this striking cappuccino and white shaded Ballroom dress adorned with organza flowers. Embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal, Light Colorado Topaz and Silk Shimmer.



2018 saw the first Catwalk fashion show take place at the Imperial Hotel in collaboration with Espen Salberg. No one could imagine how popular this show would be and was such a huge success.




2017 saw Natascha wear this  majestic White and Gold pleated Ballroom dress beautifully adorned with a  starburst of embellishment in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI including Crystal AB, Light Silk, Silk Shimmer and Light Colorado Topaz.

Shop pleating here >


Evgeniya graced the dance floor in this wonderful Black and Pink Tropicana Ballroom dress featuring a black velvet bodice. Beautiful understated jewel embellishment with CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI in Crystal AB feature along the neckline and cuffs.



Izabela wore this magnificent White and Sugar Pink Ballroom dress featuring white fishnet with skirts layered in shaded white to sugar pink georgette over shaded satin chiffon, with white satin chiffon and sugar pink organza underskirts. Embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI in Crystal AB, Hyacinth Shimmer, Light Rose AB, Light Rose and Crystal.


Shop fishnet fabric here >


Joanne wore this elegant Black Ballroom dress featuring a black velvet dress with satin godets over organza underskirts. A statement embellished chandelier style necklace with CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI in Crystal AB. Complete with embellished armbands with white luxury boa attached floating down perfectly to finish the look.


Shop velvet fabric here >



Kristi wore this brilliant Aqua feather trimmed Ballroom dress embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI in Crystal AB, Light Sapphire Shimmer, Aqua AB, Aqua, Light Sapphire Shimmer and Silver Shade. Skirts are layered in georgette over satin chiffon hemmed with luxury feather boa, finished with satin chiffon and organza underskirts.


Shop aqua fabric here >





In 2016 Monica wore this striking Silver and Cappuccino Ballroom dress beautifully embellished with Swarovski® crystals in crystal and crystal ab in intricate designs.


Shop silver fabric here >



Natascha graced the Wintergardens dance floor in this dazzling white and cappuccino Ballroom dress beautifully adorned in Swarovski® crystals and jewel stones.


Shop crystals here >



Paulina looked magnificent in this beautiful Black and cool aqua Ballroom dress with feather fringe beautifully adorning the neckline and shoulders.


Shop cool aqua fabric here >


Joanne looked gorgeous in this pretty black and sugar pink Ballroom dress featuring ruffled satin across the bustline, finished with a petite bow, adorned with Swarovski® crystals.


Shop sugar pink fabric here >




Inspired by these couture dresses? Contact our couture team who will be more than happy to make your dream dress a reality [email protected] 


Shop our collection of Sponsored Gold Couture dresses here >

Wika poland fabric stockist



With all the new rules and regulations regarding Brexit and how it affects our customers in Europe; WIKA.Pl is a recommended reseller of Chrisanne Clover components and we can highlight the many benefits of purchasing Chrisanne Clover products, directly from WIKA...


WIKA have a clear understanding on how exporting and importing operates between Chrisanne Clover in the UK, to WIKA in Poland. WIKA also has a clear understanding on the costs and timelines of the deliveries from the UK.  WIKA are continually increasing the amount of genuine Chrisanne Clover products in stock for immediate delivery.


23% Polish VAT is in favour to a number of customers in EU countries. Shipping costs from Poland to the rest of EC countries are much cheaper than from the UK. EC VAT registered companies continue to enjoy exemption on purchasing. 



No potential customs clearance delays that might happen with the UK to EC countries No currency exchange.  WIKA has regular stock-up delivery from UK to Poland



WIKA offer multi-language support (including Russian & English) They are able to assist you with Chrisanne Clover product knowledge and collections with their informative sales team.


Checkout Wika's website ...



WIKA - OLSZTYN: Mail Order Services

Jaroszyka 3 

10-687 Olsztyn, Poland

tel. + 48 89 544 94 40 

 + 48 502 33 22 32  DIRECTIONS      

e-mail: [email protected]

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm


Płocka 34

01-231 WarsawPoland

tel. + 48 22 631 50 60

mob. + 48 509 806 260  DIRECTIONS

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm



Be bold and make a statement with abstract

 Be Bold, Bright & Daring with our striking collection of Abstract Prints and will add the perfect pop of colour to your statement designs!




Float away with our satin georgette and pearl chiffon fabric range

Our collection of Satin Georgette and Pearl Chiffon fabrics are available in a vibrant range of colours and reduced at fantastic prices! So why not grab yourself a bargain and float into action before it's too late!

Only available whilst stocks last!


WIDTH: 145cm

Satin Georgette is a fluid non sheer georgette with a beautiful sheen that has more weight and more dense than our satin chiffon, pearl chiffon and georgette range. Perfect for skirts with less layers such as American Smooth and Juvenile dresses. 

WAS £6.95 p/m
NOW: £5 p/m



Similar to our Satin Chiffon range, Pearl Chiffon has a luxurious feel and texture which moves beautifully in skirts and floats for ultimate fluidity of movement and shine.

Perfect for Ballroom skirts, floats, Ice Skating skirts and show dresses. 

WAS: £12 p/m
NOW: £6.50 p/m



For samples of any of our products please contact our sales team who will be more than happy to help you. You can get up to 5 samples FREE of charge.
[email protected]

Be inspired with stretch borders


Be Inspired with our collection of Stretch Borders that are perfect for sprucing up your dancewear and wardrobe items, accessories and more!

These borders are also great for adding length to an item, creating belt features or simply to add texture to your garments. Embellish for utter brilliance with our range of Swarovski® and Preciosa Crystals or leave alone to make its own statement. Why not experiment with placing over a contrasting colour or metallic shine for a stand out finish? The options are endless!

Now reduced in price and only available whilst stocks last! 


Preciosa special order


As an Authorized Silver Partner of Preciosa products we are thrilled to be able to offer you the vast range of crystal components including the new Maxima range, as a special order service.

Any products you need that are not available to buy on our website can be ordered for you with a lead time of 1-2 weeks.

Check out our special order page and contact our helpful sales team who will be more than happy to help you with your requests and answer any questions you may have.



Monica nigro throwback couture collection


Monica’s style has become synonymous with elegance. In each design there seems to be an effortlessness, an ease with the sole purpose to enhance the dance and her own regal energy.

The simplicity of colour or a form are often celebrated with rich stoning and beading to create a luxurious classic look. Despite the overall timeless feel, each piece still features a modern and exciting edge, with daring cutouts, dramatic plunging necklines or a full sheer effect cappuccino bodice covered in bold embellishments.  It’s through this clear creative vision and constant development of past styles fused with high fashion features that something unique and instantly recognisable is created.

Monica’s style is constantly evolving but in each piece it is clear to see an elegance that is at the same time powerful and confident.

 Phoebe Ratcliff-Reid, Couture Designer


'I have been sponsored by Chrisanne Clover for over 10 years and in that time I have tried and tested many different styles! There are definitely certain characteristics that have flowed through each couture over the years making my collection of garments unique to me.


I love details and sometimes very simple dresses that give a touch of class. Generally the cut of the dress is the same to emphasize the curves of the body. I don’t like too much material in a dress and the colour is usually tan with a splash of colour that is exquisitely embellished with Swarovski® crystals in intricate designs.

The look I strive to achieve within my garments is to look elegant, classy and feminine with a touch of sexiness that every woman desires to achieve.'   Monica Nigro  


Take a trip down memory lane with some of Monica's throwback couture highlights ...






To have a dress made inspired by Monica's collection please contact our couture team who will be more than happy to help make your dream dress a reality
[email protected]


Pretty in pink



Make a statement with our collection of Hot Pink Fabrics …


Brighten up your Spring Summer style with joyous shades of Hot Pink, a firm favourite of fashion influencers to truly liven up our style! Shock and awe in highlighter worthy hues packed full of energy and will certainly not let you go unnoticed!


A gorgeous warm tone that balances itself between coral and pink this hue is considered to be a hopeful, happy colour.


Pink Tropicana is a stunning hue that is bold, bright and confident.

This gorgeous shade is now last chance to buy and only available whilst stocks last.


Berry Bliss is a hot shade of pink with a tinge of red that is stunning in shade and romantic in colour, a true spectacle under the spotlights.


Be all a fizz with our fluorescent shade Pink Fizz that is bold, daring and oozes utter confidence that will sure to make you stand out from the crowd!


Be the envy of your peers dressed head to toe in this stunning shade Electric Pink that is vibrant, fun, majestic and fearless.


This gorgeous intense shade is our darkest of pinks from our colour collection and oozes confidence and assurance with an elegant flare.


Contact our couture sales team for more information about having a dress made inspired by this collection
[email protected]

Shades of pastel

The tranquillity of pastels was a trend predicted for Winter 2020 but will see it blossom well into the Spring/Summer of 2021. Soothing to the soul, pastel shades have associated itself recently with self-care, togetherness and positivity though these unprecedented times.



The pastel trend is a soft, comforting colour palette that brings back fond childhood memories of sweets, clouds and dreams. Be inspired with our former couture collections and shop the fabric colour range that suits you ….


A gorgeous pastel blue hue bluebell symbolizes gratitude and everlasting love.


Neutral, calm and relaxing Buttercream is a luxurious pastel shade that oozes elegance and sophistication.


A stunning Champagne fabric collection that represents sophistication and comfort.


A fine line between blue and green, this gorgeous shade of blue Aqua symbolises balance, peace and energy, evoking feelings of reinvigoration and dreaminess.


Lilac Dream is a beautiful hue that symbolizes happiness, tranquillity and emotion.


A refreshing shade of green Spearmint promotes feelings of tranquillity and calm.


Sugar Pink is a delicate shade that is cute, charming, feminine and sweet. A positive colour inspiring warmth and comfort.


This gorgeous colour Ice Blue associates itself with calmness and spirituality, promoting truth and tranquillity.


Inspired by the couture featured? Get in touch with our couture sales team to chat about a made to measure dress and get money off for this month only!
[email protected]


Sale motifs and ribbons

We are thrilled to offer you a vast range of motifs and ribbons reduced to clear from as low a £3 excl.VAT! 

A collection of floral, abstract, 3D, metallics and sequins you are sure to find something that will transform your look. Click the image to take you to the collections ...



We have a stunning collection of embroidered motifs in floral patterns reduced from as low s £3 excl.VAT that is sure to add a dynamism to your style!




Perfect for this Spring we have a gorgeous collection of floral motifs and ribbons that are reduced from as low as £3 excl.VAT, including a range of 3 dimensional ribbons, motif pairs and iron on shapes...


Add a touch of sequin magic to your designs with our collection of sequinned motifs reduced at £5 excl.VAT. Prefect for sprucing your handbags, shopping bags, jackets, jeans and more!



A range of 3 dimensional motifs and ribbons that are reduced from as low as £3 excl.VAT. Perfect for adding texture and and dimension to your designs.


Add some drama to your designs whether that be your home furnishings, wardrobe items or dancewear with our reduced collection of abstract motifs and ribbons priced from as low as £3 excl.VAT.

Be inspired with hybrid hues

Be Inspired with our Hybrid Hues couture that combines 2 shades from our colour range creating unique and interesting tones. So whether you cannot decide between 2 of your favourite colours, or you want to create a shade that is slightly in different tone; there are endless possibilities to creating the colour you want, your way ...


Hybrid hues was an extremely fun collection as it was a fantastic opportunity to experiment with our fabrics and see how we could combine and overlay colours to create new and exciting hues. We used  a variety of techniques, such as strong contrasts like Plum over Tropic Lime to create high impact or more tonal blends, such as bluebell over sugar pink to produce a soft and dreamy lilac. Whether it’s buttery Papaya or dramatic Viper, we hope these new colours inspire you, the options are endless! 

 Phoebe Ratcliff-Reid, Couture Designer


 Most of these dresses are no longer available, but please contact our couture team for a dress inspired by this collection
[email protected]




Be inspired with this couture  that combines colours saffron over orange creating a stunning shade of mango.


This Ballroom dress combines colours lilac dream and sugar pink to create multi tonal effects from the bodice to skirt.


This couture experiments with creating different tonal shades by using Bluebell over Sugar Pink.


This couture combines colours spearmint and sugar pink creating stunning hues and shading. Why not combine your 2 favourite colours to create a couture as unique as you!


Can’t decide between two of your favourite colours? Why not combine the two and create a design different at all angles! This couture combines hematite with buttercream creating gorgeous textures and shine.


This couture beautifully combines Jade over Electric Pink creating luscious hues and shading.


Love the colour orange but want to tone it down? Experiment with layering darker colours over orange to create different shades and tones.


A colour like no other this  couture combines colours Plum over Tropic Lime creating a gorgeous hue.


Be inspired with this couture that combines Plum over Blue Zircon creating a stunning hue.


Watch for more colour combination ideas ...

For sample requests to experiment with your own colour palette please contact [email protected]

Spring florals fabric collection


Fall in love with the joys of Spring as pretty florals are ready to burst into bloom with so much to look forward to!


Add darling buds to your designs whether that be to your couture, home furnishings or accessories; our collection of floral fabrics are sure to add that magical touch with many prints reduced at fantastic prices!





Ostrich feather boa 5 ply with marabou core now reduced


Our Ostrich Feather Boa 5 Ply with a Marabou Core collection originally priced at £85, is now reduced at a fantastic £63.75 excl.VAT per piece!

Add utter luxury to your couture with our stunning range of colours ...




Inspired by bridgerton

Netflix’s hit regency period drama Bridgerton has been an escapism for many with over 63 million households tuning in to watch the show since its launch on Christmas Day.

7,500 costumes were created from scratch for the show with only 2.5 months for the garments to be made.
Exquisite fabrics with eye-catching colours, trimmings and adornments; we take inspiration from some of the key looks from the show to get your design ideas flowing …





Shine like gold sparkle like diamonds


The rainbow has been a symbol for hope and positivity throughout these uncertain times but now let's look beyond the rainbow and be inspired by that pot of gold we all hope to see...


A colour associated with love, compassion, courage and magic; gold is a shade rich in tone and a symbol of wealth and extravagance. 

Our vast collection of gold fabrics and trimmings vary in lustre, sparkle, stretch and texture ...


We are thrilled to be able to offer Aurum crystals by Preciosa non hotfix flatback in sizes ss16, ss20 and ss30 ...


Inject life and colour to your home and wardrobe


With Spring just around the corner why not bring it home early and inject some life and colour to your decor and wardrobe items!

Bring the sunshine into your home and brighten up your day with our collection of motifs, ribbons and trimmings...



Preciosa crystals new colours and sizes now available


As an authorized distributor of Preciosa, at Chrisanne Clover we are thrilled to be able to offer you a dazzling range of colours newly added to our extensive range of flatback crystals ...  

Pantone colour of the year 2021


2021 has seen Pantone® launch 2 colours of the year…


‘The union of an enduring Ultimate Gray with the vibrant yellow illuminating expresses a message of positivity supported by fortitude. Practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, this is a colour combination that gives us resilience and hope. We need to feel encouraged and uplifted; this is essential to the human spirit’

– Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute.




Inspired by these shades we look to our own collections of colour to inspire you either for you next couture, to add brilliance to your home décor, or just because. Add some illuminating optimism and positivity to your designs …



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